How to make your own group!

To make your own group there are 5 steps!

Step 1
Get a discord!

Here is a link to a  Discord template!

This discord template features

4  Categories  each category  has a purpouse.

Lounge is used  for people with out a rank to be able to speak and find information or apply to join.

Lounge  chat  is used for  people with out roles to speak to people with roles, by entering the waiting to be moved chat any member can easily move them to  a chat.

Locked channels  These channels  and  offices can be used by members to find information in the announcemnt chat and  talk in the chats and offices.

High ranking channels here only people with the ranks high ranking can send information.

There are also 3 role types
High ranking, Members, & BOT.

Bot is ofcourse for discord bots you might want to add.

High ranking & members are to allow for different roles.

You do not need to use the discord but if you don't have one it's here to be used.

Step 2
Advertise your discord in places you are allowed to!

If you are planning to sell stuff use Ebay (For example your group your making sells services)

If you are planning to be illegal use Darkweb.
If you are planning to be legal use Twitter.

Step 3
  Make a business application that fits you!
Here is a link!
Even if your going to be illegal having a legal front like a chemical factory is a great way to explain to the court  room why you had loads of chemicals.

Step  4
Contact  management
You can contact management if you are looking for help  with these topics.
If you want your invite  post you made to be locked so people don't type in it.
If you want your  group to get custom clothing.
If you want to get your group  reconised as a legal security/other companys.
If you want to get your group a  kit.

Step 5
Do your best to get members.
The  perks you can get that are listed above are given more to groups who the server feels like are adding RP  and players  to the community. So getting more members is always a plus.