If you can't join

If you have trouble joining

Try these 3 methods if you can find the server. If you can't even find the server scroll down.

Go to unturned main screen and click on workshop, from workshop then click on manage.

Step 1 Method 1

From this point we are going to use method one, that is going to "View steam overlay"

Step 2 Method 1

Click on the unsubscribe from all, and restart your game.  and try to join the server.

Step 3 Method 1

If method 1 does not work repeat it, then go to step 2 in method one but instead of clicking on "View steam overlay", click on "Browse file" on any mod.

Step 1 Method 2

Go to the folder called "304930"

Step 2 Method 2

Empty this folder. make sure your game is turned off and that you cleared your steam workshop.

Step 3 Method 2

Try to join the server or if you don't want to redo all of this since you will if it does not work try method 3.

Before you  do this method  make sure to do the  methods above first.

Go to your steam library, and right click on the unturned in your steam library list, and click on properties.

Also make sure  your game is off.

Step 1 Method 3

Click on "Installed files" and then on the button "Verify integrity of game files"

Step 2 Method 3

When it's done start your game and try to join!

So make sure all your settings are the same as in the image, and type Madia into the name. If you still can't find it it's not up.